Nootri Family

WITH Sorghum


Nootri Family Sorghum is a cereal based porridge high in nutrients with a delicious sorghum taste to fuel the family’s active lifestyle and benefit their overall health.

Nutrition Facts & Benefits

Nootri Family is enriched with Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E & D, Zinc and Iron. It provides balanced nutrition to you and your family;

– Nourishes your body with essential vitamins for healthy eyes and skin, a healthy nervous system and immune function;

– Provides you with minerals: Iron for blood cell formation and Zinc for growth & development;

– Gives you Proteins that act as the building block for your bones, muscles, skin and blood.

– Helps boost the digestive process in the body and improves the overall metabolism.


Maize, Soya, Sorghum, Soya Oil, Vitamins and Minerals